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2S films creativity for good

Two films to create, two days filming, and plenty to capture. This involved lots of careful scheduling to make sure we maximised our time with each contributor across the various locations and covered the key messages and shots for both films. In addition to this, we had to be mindful of the needs of the autistic adults and their routines.

For both films, showing range was very important; of the services, of the supported adults and of the staff, and capturing those real day-to-day moments in a relaxed and authentic way. We also wanted to ensure both films felt vibrant and inspiring, and that each person was represented with dignity and respect. We adapted our crew to ensure everyone had the right experience and a good understanding of autism.

We applied our warm and friendly approach to each interview, which enabled each contributor to relax and open up. It is the personal insight and natural delivery that make both films so

authentic, and it has been such a pleasure to share the incredible work of NAS.

We have created 2 full-length 3-4 minute videos for the charity's website and 2 social cutdowns, all subtitled and branded. 

For more information about the National Autistic Society and thier services, visit




The National Autistic Society is the UK's leading charity for people on the autism spectrum and their families. We simultaneously created two films for the charity; one service film and one recruitment film to use across their website and social media.

The service film demonstrates the range of services the charity offers for autistic adults, as well as their approach, impact and values. The recruitment film aims to encourage more people to begin a career as a support worker with NAS, demonstrating job satisfaction as well as the many great benefits of working with the charity.

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