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4 reasons to choose animation for your charity video

4 reasons to choose animation for your charity video

Video marketing should be central to a charity’s marketing strategy. People love visual content, and are spending more time than ever on social media watching and engaging with videos, which can be processed 60,000 times faster than text. Animation takes this a step further, grabbing the attention of its viewer in less than 0.1 second. It is therefore an extremely effective tool for building engagement, awareness and driving users to take action. Here are our top 4 reasons why we choose animation, and examples of charity videos which truly unleashed its potential.


1. Easy to understand

Animation is ideal for telling your non profit’s story in a simplified, clear and bespoke way, building emotional connection and making the most of colour, text and shape to leave a lasting visual impression. It can express less tangible ideas more easily and effectively

A fantastic example of this is this animation by Girl Effect, which uses a single sequence of line, text and very basic visuals to break down such a complex issue and highlight the potential of support and change.


2. A blank canvas

The style of your animation can be adapted to the tone of its content and the audience you are aiming to connect with. It can be built from scratch, which can make it easier to focus on the end message, creating an emotional connection or desired action.

In this animation video we made for Cystic Fibrosis Trust, we used a simple and colourful style to connect with the young demographic of viewers it was aimed at. The friendly faces and voiceover creates a comforting and approachable video. The use of simple visuals helps to cover a range of considerations with clarity, to provide clear advice to its audience.


3. Longevity

Animation is not always a quick option, however, one huge benefit is that once you have created assets, you can update and repurpose these for other channels and future campaigns. Long-term this can be extremely useful and cost-effective, allowing you to reuse elements which can also help viewers to connect content to the charity and remember its core aspirations. The simplified visuals will also aid quick recognition with the viewers.

4. Purpose

There are many examples of where animation and infographics can support and convert live footage and images into a coherent and visually engaging video. Use of animation alongside these can help viewers to make that connection with your charity, and breakdown some of the content into digestible pieces. Splicing up live video can also help to keep the viewer watching and highlight the key points throughout. Another advantage is that just by updating the infographics you can bring old footage up-to-date and repurpose videos, and this can be a huge benefit at times like these where filming capacity is limited.

Here is a video we created remotely, using animation to tie together what we were able to obtain, to create an overall informative and engaging video.

Want to know more about creating an animation video for your charity with us?

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