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  • Sophie Cooke

Green Productions: Our Mission

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

At 2S Films, we are focused on using #CreativityForGood. We only work with nonprofits and brands with fantastic environmental and social credentials, because we thrive on positive change. With this at the heart of what we do, we are constantly reviewing our own approach and thinking of how we can do better for our clients and the wider world.

As a production company working with a growing team of filmmakers, we’ve become increasingly aware of our own environmental impact and our responsibility to keep this to a minimum. This year, we are ranking up our efforts to make our productions as green as possible, and to embed this idea into everything we do from conception through to shoots and delivery.

Simply saying this is not enough. We want to explain to you exactly what this looks like, and what we are committing to now and going forward. Here is our environmental policy informed by AdGreen.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Finding, filming and bringing together the best stories with the best professionals can involve a substantial amount of travel of people and equipment. Whilst much of this is unavoidable, we are keeping this to a minimum by the following:

  1. We host all preliminary meetings online, reducing travel.

  2. We design concepts which work locally, recording audio remotely where possible and streamline productions to reduce travel days.

  3. Where international travel is required, we use fixers where possible.

  4. We provide every client with a carbon footprint report for each project using AdGreen, so that they can better understand their impact.

  5. Where necessary, we use electric vehicles to transport crew and equipment.

  6. We source catering for crew locally with a greater offering of plant-based options.

  7. We use Ecosia as our default search engine, which removes approximately 1kg of CO2 from the atmosphere with every search.

Reducing Waste

Film production requires a degree of convenience and tight cost management, but we can no longer justify the current levels of waste in our industry. We reduce our waste output through the following measures:

  1. All crew are provided with reusable water bottles, coffee cups and cutlery.

  2. We source local catering, opting for plastic-free options where possible.

  3. All documents are paperless where possible, with copies available online for crew. Where printing is necessary, we only use recycled paper and print the minimum number of copies.

  4. We enforce recycling of paper, plastics, glass and food waste.

  5. We use a green approach to set design; reusing props, renting where necessary and opting for plastic-free alternatives.

Cultural Impact

Within the world of media, we have a responsibility to create content that promotes a greener way of life, making the environmental conversation mainstream and helping to shape a better normal. To achieve this, we are doing the following:

  1. Where possible, we include greener lifestyle references within our films i.e. characters using reusable bottles, green modes of transport and sources of energy.

  2. We promote environmental content to influence the wider conversation, and aim for at least 10% of our workflow to relate directly to positive environmental impact.

What You Can Do

We cannot achieve green productions without the support of our clients. To enable clients to reduce impact on their part, we provide clients with guidance to distribute to their team and contributors relating to all points above.

We recognise it’s a small step forward, but it’s one we’re excited to take and we’re passionate about being a part of the solution. We believe now is the time for every organisation to look at each part of their business, and choose to work with other companies who align with their values and strive for best practice.

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