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Quick Tips : Grants

Quick Tips : Grants

1. What is different about you?

Communicating what skills you have that are relevant to delivering the project is key. To build on this, and set your application apart, emphasise what is particularly unique about your organisation and why you are best placed to deliver it.

2. Answer the question!

Sounds obvious... If you are working to a tight deadline it might be tempting to save time by cutting and pasting an answer you have used for a similar bid - avoid doing this. Ensure that you mirror the language asked in the question so you are clearly answering the question.

3. Show impact

Use case studies wherever possible to share the voices of the people you help through communicating their stories. This will bring to life the genuine difference and impact your 3 proposal will make.

2S Case Study

See our film for the Movember foundation, which helped further their 'GAP 4' project and increase its funding and participation.

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