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2S films creativity for good

This video aims to create awareness of the project and of how Cafe Art have used #CreativityForGood.


We were keen for this film to be uplifting and empowering. We also wanted to capture David's infectious energy and positivity which contrasts the negative stereotypes associated with homelessness. It was important to capture his story and perspective with authenticity, making sure we asked questions which gave him the space to talk about what mattered to him.

The photography itself is stunning and so beautifully raw. We wanted the photos to really shine and to reflect the journeys of the individuals and of the project as a whole.

To find out more about Cafe Art and how you can support them, visit 


Cafe Art is a social enterprise empowering those affected by homelessness through art, photography and entrepreneurship. Every year, Cafe Art runs a 'MyLondon' calendar project for individuals affected by homelessness. In this video, we uncover more about the project's journey and impact, speaking to co-founder Paul Ryan and photographer David Fussell. This is our first of many films as part of our #CreativityForGood series, and we are excited to share the work of such a fantastic project. 



For this film, it was important to communicate the context of the project. Homelessness has risen across the capital, with unemployment and mental health issues being key contributors. Cafe Art not only offers rewarding creative opportunities, it also provides training, employment and an important connection with the public. 

Each year for the MyLondon calendar, 100 disposable cameras are handed out to individuals affected by homelessness to take their unique photographs of the city. The photos are then judged by a panel of experts, and the final 12 are printed in a calendar. The calendars are then sold to the public by participants, with 50% going straight to their pockets. Founder Paul Ryan identified how people changed when they were given the opportunity to create and sell something of their own, and how this improved their self esteem. 

Since the project began in 2015, the idea has grown internationally inspiring calendar projects across cities worldwide, from MySydney to MyNewOrleans and many more. 


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